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Welcome to FCC’s Bilingual First Year program!  Start earning your college degree while you complete your English language classes. FCC’s Bilingual First year program offers students the chance to take select college classes in a bilingual Spanish/English setting with fellow English language learners – plus a scholarship!


If you are a fluent Spanish speaker and English language learner, we encourage you to apply!  This program is open to all students regardless of citizenship status, and fits with almost all degree programs.



What are the benefits of this program?

Access to special courses taught in a bilingual format - further develop your English skills while being able to ask questions in Spanish.   

  • Start earning college credits and learn essential skills while completing your ESOL classes 
    • First semester:
      • English as a Second Language (ESOL):  Take the course appropriate for your level
      • ACCE 112 – Academic Engagement Seminar: Learn essential college skills, how to get the supports you need at FCC, and develop college and career goals.
    • Second semester
      • English: Continue your ESOL courses or complete your college English requirement
      • College math: Complete your college wide math requirement
      • CMIS 101:  Information Systems: Learn essential computer skills needed for success in college and career.
    • Learn alongside fellow Spanish speaking English language Learners
    • Access to Spanish and English language tutoring in program classes
    • Receive up to $1500 in scholarships for participating in the program

How do I become a part of this program?​

  • The bilingual first year is open to students in any FCC academic program.
  • Apply for admission to Frederick Community College if you are not already a student If you are not sure what you wish to study choose General Studies. You can work with a college advisor to change your program once you know the choice that is right for you.
  • Determine if you are eligible for financial aid. There are two main financial aid applications available for students, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Maryland State Financial Aid Application (MSFAA). Students should NOT complete both applications. Instead, complete either the FAFSA or the MSFAA depending on your citizenship status.
  • Please contact the FCC’s Financial Aid Office if you are not sure which application to complete. The Financial Aid Office can be reached via phone at 301.846.2620 (option 1) or via email at [email protected].
  • You need to have tested into ESOL 80 or higher. If you have placed into college level English you are not eligible, but FCC may have other supports we can help you identify.
  • Click here if you have questions about placement testing at FCC.
  • Most Bilingual First Year program classes are in the evening, so please make sure you can attend evening classes several nights a week.
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Contact Lama Masri, ESOL Coordinator, at 240.629.7925 or e-mail at expressing interest.  We will reach out to you shortly.