Digital badges give you control and ownership of your learning achievements. You can identify skill gaps and strive to earn digital badges that help close these gaps. Badges offer a new way to display industry-recognized, employment-focused credentials that employers desire.



Employers are searching for candidates with specific skills and achievements. Instead of relying on resumes alone, digital badges provide a way for employers to quickly find applicants who possess the skills they seek. Earning a digital badge will help you stand out by highlighting specific competencies and achievements you have earned that might be difficult to fully detail in your resume.




FCC offers digital badges that serve as a verification of your knowledge, skills, capabilities, and accomplishments. You can display your digital badges online and share them through social networks. This provides a more complete picture of your achievements and abilities, which can be easily communicated to employers, associations, and professional organizations.


Girl on Couch - Credly BadgeBenefits of Digital Badges

  • Provide a more complete picture of your interests and experience
  • Show potential employers evidence of your up-to-date proficiency, relevant skill sets, and achievements
  • Help assist employers in matching you to their specific positions
  • Reflect your efforts to engage in more flexible ways of learning and scope of knowledge
  • Can be displayed on social media channels, LinkedIn, emails, and your resume
  • Display current knowledge in your occupational field and reflect professional development

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is a visual representation of a skill, learning achievement, competency, or experience. Badges can be relevant to an academic objective, professional goal, area of interest, or national credential. Embedded in each badge is information about when and where the badge was earned, criteria for earning the badge, and verification that the earner met all requirements. From your digital badge, employers will be able to tell what you did to earn it and how this achievement translates into employability skills that you possess.

Digital badges give you control and ownership of your learning achievements. You can identify skill gaps and strive to earn digital badges that help close these gaps. Badges offer a new way to display industry-recognized, employment-focused credentials that employers desire.

FCC has partnered with Credly to establish a Digital Badge and Credential Center for storing, issuing, and managing digital credentials. Badges are developed, implemented, and taught through FCC.

Current students, community partners, college faculty and staff, and external companies, organizations, and institution employees are eligible to participate in the Digital Badge and Credential Center at FCC.


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Steps to Earn a Digital Badge


1. Select

Select a skill or interest you would like to develop and register for a badge class via the Continuing Education & Workforce Development registration site.

Pen and Paper

2. Complete

Complete the badge requirements (attend class and complete assessment criteria) and submit proof if required.

Checkmark in Circle

3. Claim

You will receive an email from Credly with instructions for claiming your badge.

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4. Share

Share your digital badge to social media, your resume, and email signature so potential employers and others can see your new credential.



Types of Badges

Skill and Competency: Badges are standalone or can be used in a credit course, but they are not credit-bearing opportunities. Badges demonstrate interests, accomplishments, skills, or competencies attained. Certain badges may include an industry-recognized (national-portable) credential. Badges may also recognize specific job-related skills for FCC apprentices.

Professional Pathways: Skills and competencies desired in a professional field can be mapped to a specific badge. Badges validate a pathway to enhance your professional knowledge in an identified field or occupation.

Continuing Education/Lifelong Learning: Badges display an interest or accomplishment in various lifelong learning areas. FCC Continuing Education or Corporate Training offerings may also lead to a badge or industry-recognized credential.

Badges under development at FCC

Essential Employability Skills

  • Module 1 – Employability skills and professionalism at work
  • Module 2 – Improving communication skills
  • Module 3 – Effective decision-making and problem solving
  • Module 4 – Navigating challenges and ethical issues

Foundations of Interprofessional Education

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Interprofessional Education
  • Module 2 – Types of Interprofessional Activities
  • Module 3 – IEP Activity Planning, Assessment, and Sustainability

Evidence-Based Medicine

  • Module 1 – Fundamentals of Evidence-based Care
  • Module 2 – Accessing Relevant Original Evidence
  • Module 3 – PICO Process Applied to Clinical Decision-making


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