New Online Training for Emergency Managers and Community Leaders


The Frederick Community College Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management & Public Safety (MACEM&PS) is now offering a new online training program for emergency managers and other community leaders nationwide focused on logistical supply chain components during an emergency.
The Community Lifelines, Logistics, and Supply Chain Awareness training program is funded by a $1 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
“We are grateful to receive this grant from FEMA that will provide new opportunities for the FCC Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management & Public Safety (MACEM&PS) to do what it does best: provide critical emergency preparedness training that can save lives,” said Dr. Thomas Powell, interim president of FCC. “We are proud that FCC can serve emergency managers and community leaders from across the nation with this innovative training.”
The training will teach participants how to apply logistical supply chain strategies to community-based emergency planning and prepare for the rapid recovery and continuation of required essential services and critical resources.
As part of the three-year project grant, MACEM&PS developed the training to be done in two parts. First, participants take an online course at their convenience that covers the foundations of community lifelines and supply chain principles. Upon successful completion of the online course, participants can then progress to a facilitated one-day workshop that delves deeper into the whole community approach, lifelines construct, supply chain management, and logistics techniques in an interactive and realistic exercise. This workshop will be offered in-person regionally or if circumstances require, online.
“This training will educate community stakeholders on addressing the complex, emergent, and real-world challenges facing our nation today by providing enhanced strategies for the sustainment of food, water, and shelter and their critical supply networks,” said Kathy Francis, executive director for MACEM&PS. “Participants will build their ability to rapidly resource these vital functions, learn how to involve the whole community in disaster planning, deepen their understanding of community lifelines networks, and apply supply chain techniques to support their operations post-disaster impact.”
The MACEM&PS developed the Community Lifelines, Logistics, and Supply Chain Awareness training through a Continuing Training Grant from the National Preparedness Directorate’s National Training and Education Division of FEMA. For more information about this training, click here or email [email protected].