Tools for reviewing what child care option is best for your family.


Evening ChildcareApplications may be submitted year-round and Center tours can be scheduled at your convenience.

To apply, please submit the Children's Center Application. If you need assistance with the application process, please contact us.

After receipt and review of your application, we will contact you to discuss your needs and answer and specific questions you may have. We also invite and encourage you to tour our facility and meet our staff. 

To complete the enrollment process, we require:  


  • Complete enrollment paperwork.


    • Medication Authorization Form
    • Health Inventory
    • Maryland Immunization Certificate


  • Tuition deposit
  • Proof of FCC student status (if applicable).

Selecting Child Care

Selecting the care provider for your children is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. We recognize the primary deciding factors for this decision and remain focused on delivering the specific care you deserve.



The Chidren Center


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Tuition Rates by Classroom

The Carl & Norma Miller Children’s Center offers competitive and transparent tuition rates for the exceptional services you deserve.
Rates effective beginning July 1, 2018. A minimum of two equivalent time periods is required for part-time enrollment.

FCC Student Rates

FCC Faculty & Staff

Community Members

Infant and Toddlers Infants and Toddlers Infants and Toddlers
Weekly Rate $ 265.00 Weekly Rate $ 316.00 Weekly Rate $ 337.00
One Full Day $   66.00 One Full Day $   82.00 One Full Day $   85.00
Young Preschool (Twos) Young Preschool (Twos) Young Preschool (Twos)
Weekly Rate $ 208.00 Weekly Rate $ 243.00 Weekly Rate $ 265.00
One Full Day $   50.00 One Full Day $   60.00 One Full Day $   66.00
Half-Day Block $   34.00 Half-Day Block $   39.00 Half-Day Block $   42.00
Preschool (Three-Pre-K) Preschool (Three-Pre-K) Preschool (Three-Pre-K)
Weekly Rate $ 204.00 Weekly Rate $ 239.00 Weekly Rate $ 255.00
One Full Day $   49.00 One Full Day $   59.00 One Full Day $   63.00
Half-Day Block $   33.00 Half-Day Block $   38.00 Half-Day Block $   40.00
Summer Camp (School Age 5-11) Summer Camp (School Age 5-11) Summer Camp (School Age 5-11)
Weekly Rate $ 219.00 Weekly Rate $ 219.00 Weekly Rate $ 219.00
One Full Day $   51.00 One Full Day $   51.00 One Full Day $   51.00
Evening Child Care (Students Only)  
One Evening $   33.00

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $30 per child or $50 per family will be charged at the beginning of the fall semester (September), the beginning of the Spring Semester (early February) and the beginning of the summer semesters (June). This fee will be due the week it is billed and is nonrefundable. The fee will be prorated if families enroll in the middle of a semester. This fee is used to cover family events, special visitors and any off-campus field trips.
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