FCC’s Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management Receives $1.2 Million Training Grant


The Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management (MACEM) at Frederick Community College has received a $1,172,276.00 training grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Continuing Training Grant Program. The grant is one of the largest in FCC’s history.

With the grant, MACEM will develop and deliver a training course over the next three years for up to 750 emergency management professionals in each of the ten FEMA districts nationwide. The course will bring professionals in the public and private sectors together to train and better prepare for emergencies. Over the past few years, natural disasters have displaced thousands of homeowners and uprooted communities. During these crises, federal agencies have relied heavily on the private sector to rebuild infrastructure such as roadways and bridges, and to restore utilities. Through this course, emergency professionals in the public and private sectors will train side by side to be better prepared to respond to a crisis.

“We are incredibly thrilled to receive this award from the federal government,” said FCC President Elizabeth Burmaster. “It reaffirms our commitment to innovative practices and establishing Frederick Community College as a training leader regionally and nationally. I want to recognize the efforts of our staff, and the support of our community partners, who worked extremely hard to secure this important grant that will serve our students locally and nationwide.”

While the training will be held in FEMA’s ten regions, six courses will be offered to emergency professionals locally and in the Washington, D.C. area. The grant will support development of the course and the training – two temporary positions will be added, one for administrative support and an instructional coordinator.

"The grant award furthers the mission of the MACEM and brings leaders in the private and public sectors together to focus on understanding partner capabilities, building stronger teams, and ultimately creating more resilient communities," said Kathy Francis, Director of Emergency Management Academic Programs at FCC and the Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management.

The grant solidifies FCC’s MACEM as a leader in the training of emergency management professionals, strengthens the center’s course content, and offers greater opportunities for FCC students in the field. FCC was one of six training grants for this fiscal year totaling $11 million.

MACEM has designed training and education programs for federal and state agencies along with emergency management professionals in the private sector. The center is the lead developer for the Maryland Department of Education’s Career and Technology Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Program. FCC began providing college programs in emergency management in 2006. FCC offers an Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Management as well as an Emergency Management Certificate Program, and a Letter of Recognition Program in specific emergency management areas.

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