FCC is Celebrating Community College Month


Frederick Community College is proud to participate in the national recognition of Community College Month during the month of April. The 16 Maryland community colleges have partnered together to highlight the impact of Maryland’s community colleges and why it’s important to support them. Please join us in celebrating Maryland’s Sweet 16! Did you know…
In Maryland, 70% of freshmen and sophomore college students are enrolled in one of Maryland’s 16 community colleges.
Frederick Community College is an excellent choice for many high school graduates. FCC offers more than 85 academic programs for students planning to earn a degree, transfer to a four-year college, or begin a career.

With a 40% increase in community college completions in the past ten years, the cost of higher education has skyrocketed to the 2nd highest consumer debt behind mortgages. Students starting at a Maryland community college can save 60% compared to public four year colleges, 76% compared to for-profit colleges, and 91% compared to Maryland private colleges’ tuition costs.
Each year, full-time FCC students taking 12 credit hours each semester pay nearly $12,000 less in annual tuition and fees when compared to a four-year public college and nearly $33,000 annual savings when paralleled with a four-year private college.

By 2020, 69% of Maryland’s jobs will require a postsecondary education. Community colleges are the largest single workforce trainer in Maryland.
In the 2017-2018 academic year, 1,112 students earned 1,167 degrees or academic certificates at Frederick Community College.