FCC Now Offering Radio Frequency Technician Program


Radio TechFrederick, Md. -- Frederick Community College is now offering a radio frequency technician program that willincrease immediate job opportunities for students and help them get the training necessary to start their career in a growing field.

“Information, news, entertainment, and business communications are delivered to the masses by satellite and radio frequency cable systems, increasing the demand for skilled radio frequency technicians in our evolving world,” Program Manager Dr. Andy Yao said. “The program provides the foundation for familiarity with electronics, computing, networking, and wireless technologies and is a great starting point for numerous positions.”

Telephone, internet, and cable connections are commonly found in most homes across the United States, requiring installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Radio Frequency Technicians install, test, and repair two-way radio communication systems, radio equipment in service and emergency vehicles, and radio, cellular, cable, and tower equipment.
The program consists of a Letter of Recognition (LOR) comprised of four courses totaling 11 credits. The LOR will prepare students for Bisci (Cable Technician) and Installation Wireless Systems industry certification.

For more information about the radio frequency technician program, contact Dr. Andy Yao by email or call  301.846.2410.