FCC Professor Publishes Book Chronicling Russian Journeys


Frederick Community College Sociology Professor Dr. Marshall Botkin has published a book based on his Russian journeys.

“Thoughts and Stories from my Russian Sojourn” is a collection of short fiction based on fact that explores the humor, tragedies, and values of the Russian culture to break down stereotypes and show universal truths.

Marshall, who has Slavic roots, began exploring Russia in the 1990s and started writing stories as a way to capture the people and places he encountered and the events he experienced.

At first, the writings were meant to only be for himself, but he soon realized that the best way to answer the question people were always asking him – what were Russians like? – was to share his stories.

The FCC bookstore, which is already selling the book, will host a book signing with Botkin from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. on Nov. 20.

Botkin has been with FCC since 1977 and has lectured at universities in the former Soviet Union and shared his insights on Russian culture throughout the United States.