Personal & Professional Development

Leadership Development

The Center for Student Engagement provides opportunities for students to define and shape leadership skills, establish personal goals, and develop competency while contributing to College governance, campus life, and community enrichment. Visit the Center for Student Engagement, H-101, for more information on leadership opportunities.

Recognition & Awards Ceremony


Celebration of achievement is one of our core values. Each May, at our annual Spring Recognition and Awards Ceremony, students are publicly recognized and lauded for academic achievement, volunteer service, and leadership. Students may earn distinction for their contributions through faculty or staff nominations and may be eligible for nomination to several internationally recognized honors and awards programs such as Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society, and the USA Today Academic All Americans. Click here for specific criteria for national honors.  Click here for a complete list of scholarships available.  Some awards given each year include:


  • Dr. Patricia Stanley Excellence and Leadership Award
  • Dr. Lee John Betts Student Leadership Award
  • Marjorie Betts Citizenship and Family Award
  • Dr. Henry P. and M. Page Laughlin Annual Distinguished Scholarship Award
  • English Awards
  • Social Science Awards
  • History Award
  • Award for Academic Excellence in the Business Transfer Curriculum
  • Award for Academic Excellence in the Business Career Curriculum
  • Awards for Academic Excellence in Athletics
  • Career & Technology Awards
  • Martin Kalmar Award for Academic Excellence in Mathematics
  • Outstanding Education Awards
  • Science Awards
  • Language Awards
  • Student Leadership Awards
  • Student Service Awards, including the United States Presidential Award.
  • Club Awards