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Whether your goal is to get your degree, earn credits that transfer to a four-year university, advance your career, or explore learning for enjoyment or hobby, FCC can help you accomplish your goal. Come in person to meet with an Admissions Representative or you can use Career Coach online now to assess your interests and browse local information on wages, employment, and job postings.

Credit Admissions

Our admission and enrollment process is easy. Click on each step to view additional information.

1. Apply For Admissions

Use the Online Application to apply for admission to FCC. This is the first step to enrolling in credit courses to get a degree or certificate. After you apply, you will receive a letter in the mail which contains your Student ID Number and your email username and password that will allow you to access your online myFCC account. You will need this information for each step of the enrollment process.

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FCC is open admissions, meaning we accept everyone who applies, For selective admission programs see: Gifted & Talented Program – for under age 16, Honors College, Nursing, Respiratory Care, and Surgical Technology, and Nuclear Medicine).

Recognizing that not everyone arrives with the same educational background, and not everyone is ready for the same level of Math and English classes, there are a few things you will need to do to help us to successfully place you academically.

To comply with the Maryland College and Career Readiness Act of 2013 and Frederick Community College's Academic Placement and Assessment Procedure, the college requires that:

  • Upon entering the college, all new students, unless otherwise exempted, must complete all mathematics, reading, writing and skills placement tests before enrolling in developmental or credit courses.
  • Upon entering the college, all new students who are seeking a degree, must file a degree plan that is developed in consultation with an academic advisor.
  • Upon reaching 24 credits, all new students must have completed developmental courses and the first college level English and Math courses required by their degree plan.

If you are seeking noncredit continuing education courses for professional development, job training, skill building or personal enrichment, See Continuing Education & Workforce Development.

2. Academic Assessment of Skill Level

FCC strives to start you at an educational level that will promote your learning and success. Unless otherwise exempted by previous college credits or grades and test scores that meet specific criteria, all new students must complete placement tests in mathematics, reading, writing and skills placement before enrolling in developmental or credit courses. To ensure the best placement in a course that provides the right challenge, FCC utilizes the ACCUPLACER test.

Incoming FCC students may be exempt from taking one or more placement test based on their academic history and their other test scores.

To secure placement testing exemptions, incoming students must submit the following to the FCC Welcome Center:

  • High School Transcript and previous College Transcripts
  • Transfer credits from another institution can fulfill necessary requirements.
  • College Entrance Exam Scores from SAT and/or ACT
  • Advanced Placement (AP) test scores and International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores
  • CLEP, DSST and other credit by examination program scores in college level math, reading, and writing

The above mentioned documents will determine which placement tests you are required to take, the courses you should register for, and/or the courses you are eligible to receive credit for based on previous grades or scores.

To be exempt from the ACCUPLACER, students would need to have the following scores (Acceptable if within five years from the date the test is taken):

Reading Evidence-Based Reading & Writing:
Composite/Average score of: 21
Writing [Not Required]
Math 530 21
Other Exemptions ( only one needs to be met in each subject)
(Reading & Writing)
  • Earning a 3 or better on the AP English Language & Comp, English Literature Exam
  • Earning a score of 4 or higher on the IB Language A: Literature SL, Language A: Language & Literature SL, Language A: Literature HL or Language A: Language & Literature HL Test
  • Earning a GED English score of 165 or higher
  • Earning a score of 4 or 5 on the English 10 or English 11 PARCC test
  • Successful Completion of the FCPS English 12 transition Experience
  • Earning a 3 or better on the AP Calculus or Statistics Exam;
  • Earning a score of 4 or higher on the IB Mathematical Studies, Mathematics SL, Mathematics HL, or the Futher Math Tests
  • Earning an A or B in Algebra II or higher in a FCPS high school during the Junior or Senior year;
  • Earning a GED Math score of 165 or higher;
  • Earning a score of 4 or 5 on the Algebra II PARCC test;
  • Successful completion of the FCPS Math transition experience

You should prepare for the ACCUPLACER as you would any other exam so that you are accurately placed in a class that is appropriate for your academic skills. For more information about the ACCUPLACER and FCC's academic placement and assessment, see Testing Center.

3. Meet With an Advisor

Upon entering the college, all new students who are seeking a degree, must file a degree plan that is developed in consultation with an academic advisor.

Only after you have been admitted, assessed for English/Reading/Math skills level, and you have activated your myFCC account, are you ready to meet with an academic advisor.

Students new to the college experience refer to the following link to make your ROAR appointment.

Dual Enrollment/Transfer students should submit official college transcripts from all previous institutions to the Welcome Center/Registration & Records for official transfer credit evaluation – prior to meeting with an academic advisor.

Walk in advising is available in the Counseling & Advising Office. You can also send a message to emailadvising (via your myFCC email account).

Bring any documents that might be helpful (unofficial transcripts, test results, ACT/SAT scores). Always bring your photo ID for service.

For more information about Academic Planning and Advising, See Counseling & Advising.

4. Register for Classes

It’s not too late to register for spring classes. See Registration Dates and Deadlines.

There are two ways to register for classes:

  1. Register online for credit courses using FCC’s “Campus Solutions” Student System powered by PeopleSoft.(For Continuing Education & Workforce Development class registration click here)
  2. Register in-person via the Welcome Center.

In addition to registering for classes, FCC’s “Campus Solutions” Student System allows you to make a payment, see your grades, obtain unofficial transcripts, print class schedules and update your personal information.


5. Pay in Full or Sign Up for Payment Plan

Your enrollment at Frederick Community College is complete when you have paid for your courses. Please take note of important payment deadlines. You can either pay in-full or sign up for FCC's interest-free payment plan. For Continuing Education & Workforce Development payment options, click here.

To apply for Financial Assistance, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and take advantage of federal, state, and institutional grants, work study, and student loans.

To apply for Scholarships through The FCC Foundation, Inc., click here.

For more information about paying your bill and financial aid, See Cost and Financial Aid.

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Enrollment Services include the Welcome Center, Registration & Records, Admissions, Finance/Student Accounts, Counseling & Advising, and Financial Aid.

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