Employee Development

Organizational Statement on Employee Development

Frederick Community College values comprehensive employee development opportunities at all organization levels inside and outside of the college. Within FCC, the Human Resources Offices provides employee development experiences: professional, personal and organizational. The Center for Teaching and Learning provides employee development focusing on teaching and learning for faculty and staff. Furthermore, each area of the college provides employee development based on the needs of that specific area. External opportunities for employee development include formal training, professional organization involvement and experiences identified in the Annual Employee Development Plan process.

How is employee development defined?

Definition:  Employee Development is the name for the Professional Development process. The three intertwining circles provide a visual and a tool for describing Employee Development.

Employee Development is the responsive process utilized by the individual employee to promote professional, personal and organizational learning. Employee learning is purposeful, planned, supported and demonstrated through the individual employee's annual development plan created in collaboration with the employee's supervisor. Learning is the change that results from experiences selected by the individual.
Professional development Chart

Professional development, all job related knowledge and skills, includes but is not limited to the following examples:

  • Discipline Knowledge
  • Technological Skills
  • Professional Association Participation
  • Required Training (Sexual Harassment, FERPA, etc.)
Personal development or individual development includes but is not limited to the following examples:
  • Stress Management
  • Health Related Education
  • Retirement
  • Service Learning
  • Career Development
Organizational development or college knowledge includes but is not limited to the following examples:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mission Statement
  • Mandated Legal Training
  • Organizational Change
  • Cultural Competence
Some Assumptions:
  • Employee development supports the Learning College philosophy.
  • The employee development process incorporates the assessment philosophy used in other college-wide efforts to measure learning.
  • Orientation of Employees will include an introduction to the employee development process.
  • Employees will demonstrate development during annual review process.
  • Individuals learning will be a priority over how many hours spent attending events.
  • It is supervisory/managerial responsibility

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