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Blackboard Basics for Students:

Navigating Blackboard excerpt from the Blackboard Student Tutorial

Moving around your Blackboard course is easy, and done via the list of buttons on the left side of the page. The buttons indicate the different content areas of Blackboard, where instructors can place information like the syllabus, lecture notes, assignments, readings or other course materials. Each instructor can customize these buttons, so the names of the buttons may be different from course to course.

Announcements from your instructor will show up on the main page of your course, and will show for one week, then be stored in folders. At any time, you can view the announcements from the current month, or the full semester, by clicking on the tab of the appropriate folder on the Announcements page.

The Communication section is where you communicate with your instructor and classmates. In this section you can send email, view the class roster and student homepages, and participate in discussion forums and virtual chats.

The Grades/Tools section is where you can check your grades, set up a course calendar or send documents to your instructor through the Digital Dropbox. The Communication and Tools components are flexible and each instructor chooses which components to include in their class. This means you may be able to participate in an online discussion group in one Blackboard course, but not in another.