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Annapolis Hall (A-105)
Phone: 301.846.2408 (Voice)
Email: DisabilityServices

Accessibility Map

Service Hours 

Disability Access Services (DAS) hours of operation will be 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday.  This includes face-to-face, phone, and virtual appointments scheduled in advance.

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Evening Hours
Available on Mondays by appointment

FCC Policies and Procedures including Non-Discrimination Policy and Procedures and Title IX Pregnant and Parenting Accommodations Policy and Procedures

Other Campus Services Most Used by Students with Disabilities:
The Testing Center 
The Tutoring and Writing Center 
Student Engagement
Sign Language/Interpreting
The Career Center 
Adult Services  
STEM Learning Center

Staff Information

Kate Kramer-Jefferson, Ed.D.
Director, Disability Access Services
Annapolis Hall (A-105F)
Phone: 301.846.2409
Fax: 301.624.2778

Jennifer Leonard
Administrative Specialist
Annapolis Hall (A-105)
Phone: 301.846.2408
Fax: 301.624.2778
Kathleen Porter, M.A., CSC
Disabilities Specialist/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Counselor
Annapolis Hall (A-105B)
Phone: 301.624.2866
Fax: 301.624.2778

Megan Henry, M.S
Disabilities Specialist
Annapolis Hall (A-105D)
Phone: 240.629.7819
Fax: 301.624.2778

Traci Lowrey, CI/CT
Coordinator, Interpreting Services
Annapolis Hall (A-105E)
301-846-2476 (Voice)
240-578-0844 (Text)
[email protected] (Email)
Fax: 301.624.2778

Audrey Averill, NIC
Lead Certified Interpreter
Annapolis Hall (A-105C)
240.629.7939 (Voice)
240-578-0844 (Text)
[email protected] (Email)
Fax: 301.624.2778